How to choose CVD and HPHT for diamond cultivation?

Friends who often follow the cultivation of diamonds ask these questions:

"CVD diamonds are relatively expensive in the market. Does that mean it is better for CVD to cultivate diamonds?"

"What is the difference between CVD diamond farming and HPHT diamond farming?"

"Which is better, CVD diamond or HPHT diamond?"

"CVD diamond or HPHT diamond?"

CVD diamond and HPHT diamond which is good? On the question of CVD diamond planting and HPHT diamond planting, I would like to show you a way!

Why are CVD diamonds more expensive?

Because the price of CVD diamond cultivation is high because its production cost is higher than that of HPHT diamond cultivation. The unit yield of CVD planting diamonds is low. In simple terms, CVD grows diamonds by accumulating carbon on a wafer to form a cube. This accumulation process takes a long time, and the stability of diamond color clarity is low. There is a limit to how many wafers a single production facility can hold. At present, the scale of CVD laboratories is generally small. In order to produce more diamonds per unit of time, the number of equipment increases, but this leads to high production costs.

HPHT's diamond-growing equipment is relatively mature. 

The cultural environment is very similar to the growth process of natural diamonds.

HPHT grows diamonds by holding a cylindrical vessel at high temperatures and pressures with electrical and pressure equipment. Growing diamonds in this vessel mimics the production of natural diamonds. This incubation period would be shorter, and because HPHT technology is more mature, the larger LABS currently using HPHT technology will produce more diamonds with higher color clarity.

As a result, the cost of diamond cultivation by HPHT is lower than that by chemical vapor deposition.

CVD and HPHT for diamond cultivation

CVD and HPHT for diamond cultivation

So the question is, how should CVD grow diamonds, and how should HPHT grow diamonds?

When buying and cultivating diamonds, consumers should first pay attention to the four Cs of diamonds, namely the weight, color, clarity, cutting, and certificate of diamonds. Such as the trustworthiness of international certificates such as IGI, followed by the style of a diamond ring. Choosing the right style is more important than diamonds.

As for CVD-bred diamonds and HPHT-bred diamonds, the advice given here is to choose according to one's preference. If the pursuit of cost-effective and high color. You can choose HPHT. At present, the color of CVD is generally low, mainly FGH. Less color. This leads to color variations. However, HPHTS are dominated by the basic D color, with very few E colors. The way a diamond is grown does not tell whether it is good or bad. At present, there is no technical difference between CVD diamond planting and HPHT diamond planting, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Just like buying ordinary natural diamonds, it doesn't really matter which country or region the mine comes from. More importantly, choose a good merchant and a better ring design.

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