Il diamante che coloro sembra giallo direttamente ad occhio nudo?

In the popular science articles on diamond grading, as far as diamonds are concerned, my suggestion is to buy no less than H color. The h color is the watershed color of the diamond color that looks yellow to the naked eye. So what about I-color diamonds that look yellow to the naked eye?

On the color scale, I color diamond colorimeter, if you look at the diamond directly with the naked eye, there will still be a yellowish hue. It's not very strong, but it looks obvious. It is obvious from the waist, but if you look down from the table in the direction of rotation, then the I color diamond will not have a very obvious yellow feeling, because the table of the diamond reflects light strongly, too bright will offset the yellow tone, Perciò, the yellow color of the diamond cannot be detected, so if you want to see if the diamond is yellow.

If it is in a daily light environment because it is not an ideal observation environment, if the diamond is not very large, a diamond with a carat weight below 50 points is a grade I, and you will not feel the yellowness of the diamond when you directly observe it with the naked eye. The smaller the diamond, the more intense the color diamond. In the case of a large carat diamond, the greater the carat weight of the diamond, the more intense the color of the diamond will be.

If you are on a limited budget, you can only choose a small selection of diamonds. You can also choose the I color grade, which will not be obvious in daily observation. If you are a diamond over one carat, try not to choose an I color grade. The larger the diamond, the more intense the color.

There is also the observation of diamonds. Try looking at them from the side. If you look at the diamonds from the front, they will be too bright to notice the yellow color.

Of course, if your budget is sufficient, it is better to choose the H color or above.

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