6 Questions about Color Change of CVD Grown Diamonds

Where does the color of CVD-grown diamonds go after changing their color?

IJ color lab-grown diamonds will become GH-color lab-grown diamonds after the color change. Has the color difference between the two levels in the middle disappeared? Of course not, this color difference becomes a gray value, so it is not easy to distinguish when evaluating the color grade, because the current popular diamond color grading system is the white-yellow system.

What big brands are using CVD-grown diamonds for color-changing diamonds?

Most of the CVD color-modified grown diamonds produced in India are sold to the United States, where there are international giants such as De Beers. De Beers, on the other hand, sells natural diamonds and is in urgent need of low-priced lab-grown diamonds. It uses low prices to suppress and block the lab-grown diamond market. India is a good source of materials. De Beers' LIGHTBOX suddenly sold a large number of color-changed CVD lab-grown diamonds in the second half of this year. Whether there is a cooperative consensus behind this, we don't know. It's just that all of this is in line with the time point, so there is nothing to say.

Will changing the color of CVD-grown diamonds affect the transparency of the diamond?

Will do. You can take out GH color unaltered lab-grown diamonds and color-changed lab-grown diamonds of the same color grade for comparison, and you will find that the light transmittance of the color-changed lab-grown diamonds will decrease slightly. The light refracted by the color-changed diamond is not as clear and clear as the light refracted by the unmodified diamond.

CVD diamond rough

CVD diamond rough

Will the color change of CVD grown diamonds be displayed on the certificate?

It will be shown, but the current IGI method requires an additional charge, and an additional charge is required to detect whether the color of a CVD-grown diamond has changed. Therefore, the CVD-grown diamond certificate does not detect whether the diamond has changed color. In this way, the cost of the certificate can be reduced, and at the same time, whether the color has been changed can be concealed, and the price can be sold at a higher price.

How to reduce the market share of CVD color-changing lab-grown diamonds?

This is a bit difficult, after all, we have exported some domestic six-sided top presses in India. If the government comes forward to ban the export of domestically produced six-sided presses, it may play a considerable role in protecting the domestic diamond-grown industry. After all, the diamond-grown industry has also created tens of billions of foreign exchange for the country in recent years.

What is the market price of CVD color-changing lab-grown diamonds?

For this, you can refer to the price of the international brand, and also check whether the international brand is in stock. According to the selling price of color-changed natural diamonds, it is reasonable that the price of color-changed diamonds is one-fifth to one-eighth of that of unaltered diamonds.

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