5 consecutive questions about the color change of cultivated diamonds

Why do CVD grown diamonds change color?

With the successful research and development of HPHT large-grained lab-grown diamonds in China, the 1-carat high-color lab-grown diamond market is slowly entering the market, making the life of Indian manufacturers of low-color CVD lab-grown diamonds gradually difficult. CVD-grown diamonds are becoming less and less popular in the market, and their prices are generally not high. These low color CVDs are a great option if there is a way to enhance the color of the diamond.

Do lab-grown diamonds change color a lot?

We are only discussing color variations in diamonds grown from the white diamond system. In the white diamond system, color-changing diamonds are mainly concentrated in grown diamonds produced by vapor deposition (CVD). Color improvement and color grade improvement are rarely encountered with HPHT-grown diamonds.

rough lab grown diamond

rough lab grown diamond

Where do color-changing lab-grown diamonds mainly come from?

The discoloration of CVD diamonds mainly comes from some small manufacturers in India and China. As early as many years ago, India has produced CVD and produced diamonds. Most of the CVD diamonds have poor color. The color is IJKL. Most of them are this kind of cultivated diamonds. In the past few years, they were sold well because of their cheap prices. Since 2018, my country's research and development of large-grained HPHT diamonds has gradually succeeded, and high-color cultured diamonds have gradually appeared on the market. India's production of CVD-grown diamonds will gradually decrease in price and become unsalable.

How much grade can CVD diamond improve after color change?

After the diamond changes color, the color will increase by two or three grades. For example, after the IJ diamond changes color, it will change the color of GH-grown diamond. GH-grown color diamonds are relatively easy to sell and command a high price.

How do CVD grown diamonds change color?

Low-color CVD-grown diamonds are slowly slowing down, and diamond color-changing technology has also begun to show its prominence. The six-sided top press machine produced in China is mainly used for high-temperature and high-pressure discoloration. Yes, you are right. Indians are trying to buy hexagon presses from China, then use it to increase their own production of CVD grown diamond color grades, and then go back to China to make HPHT grown diamonds to compete in the market. It's a sad thing, but it will continue to happen now and in the future.


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