The Company was established is 1990 as a Private Limited Company to Manufacture and Export Diversified Jute Goods. The Company is registered and Member of EPB, JETRO, DCCI, BJMA, BJGA, JDPC and BJMC. It has about 250 persons in its paying Rolls.

Soon after the establishment of the company it has earned reputation at home and abroad for its quality and timely shipment.

The Company has earned this name and fame with hard work, dedication, innovative activities and relentless efforts to do better every day by the present Management.


This natural fiber is the most environment friendly and versatile packing material and has unique properties. It has hundreds of advantages over the man made fibers.

Raw jute has emerged as the second most important and useful natural fiber in the world after cotton. It has countless advantages and uses. It can be blended with other fibers easily to make innumerable uses in every day life. Raw jute is converted into various jute goods in the jute mills located all over the country. It is ideal for packing all kinks of Agricultural products like Food Grains, Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Maize, Burly, Rapeseed, Potato, Onion, Corn, Spices, Coffee beans, Nuts, Cocoa beans, Garlic and many other products, It is also suitable for use in Packing Minerals, Fertilizers, Cement, Wool packs, Cotton Bales, Wrapping Materials, Carrier and Backing Fabric for Carpets and Furniture Cargo separators in ships, Brattice cloth for mine ventilation and partition, filling materials for cables, Roofing, Floor coverings apparels, Foot wear sole and lining, Wall covering and furnishing fabric, Fashion accessories, Jute carpets, Geo-textiles for preventing soil erosion, paper pulp and many more uses.


We Manufacture and Export Non-traditional/Diversified Jute Goods like Jute Tape,Jute Rope, Nursery Pots/Bags, Nursery Liner, Nursery Burlap Sheet, Triangle Sheet, Seed Bags, Vegetable Bags, Totes Bags, Sand Bags, Christmas Bags, Beach Bags, Teacher Bags,Cosmetic Bags, Magazine Bag, Wine Bags, Shopping Bags, Promotional Bags, Garbage Bag, Canvas Bags, Jute Mat, Cotton Bags, Jute Fabric Dying, Decorative Fabric, Burlap Camo Fabric for Hunting/Defense etc.

We Export Traditional Jute Goods like Jute Yarn/Twine, Hessian Gunny Bags/Sacks, Rice Bags, Coffee Bags, Flour Bags, Potato Bags, Jute Carpet Backing Clothes, Jute Sacking Clothes,Scrim Fabrics, Carpet Rugs, Door Mat etc.

We welcome any enquiry regarding any of the above goods or any other tailor made jute goods as per the Specification/Samples provided by the Importers. We also workas sourcing agent for jute and jute goods.